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SQM and Doktor Tarsa open new NPK facilities in Turkey

SQM, an international leader in the supply of specialty plant nutrition, iodine and lithium, adopted a new business approach last year, which was embodied within a new logo "SQM -The Worldwide Business Formula". The company is certainly living up to this new billing, judging by recent events in Turkey.

On 15 March, new NPK production facilities were officially inaugurated at Antalya in Turkey by SQM and its local joint-venture business partner Doktor Tarsa, which imports into Turkey a range of horticultural products such as specialty plant nutrition solutions, micronutrients, turf products and irrigation equipment. The event was attended by more than 300 guests from all over the world (e.g. from Germany, England, France, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Lebanon, Chile, Mexico and Turkey.)

The new facilities were built by the partners in just 11 months and have an annual production capacity of 25,000 tonnes. They will help SQM and Doktor Tarsa to improve the package of goods and services offered to customers through the production of more customized products and through ensuring the faster delivery of products in both the domestic and international markets.

During his opening address, Mr. Ali Ozman, the Chairman of Doktor Tarsa, noted that $6 million had been invested in the new facility. He suggested that, over a three year period, the unit would expand its sales overseas to $10 million, through supplying customers in the Middle East, Southern Europe, The Russian Federation and North Africa.

Mr. Frank Biot, Commercial Vice President of Specialty Plant Nutrition of SQM, noted that, "We have been working with Doktor Tarsa for five years, and we are very proud to say that they are one of our most successful partners in the world".

Mr. Menderes Turel. the Mayor of Antalya, also attended the launch. He noted that the main problem in Antalya was rising unemployment, which was partly due to high immigration rates into the region. He said, "As the number of people emigrating into Antalya increases each day unemployment also tends to rise. Increasing the number of industrial establishments enhances employment opportunities. The opening of new businesses, like these new facilities, will help to overcome the unemployment problem of our city and also our country".

The Antalya Governor, Mr.Alaaddin Yuksel, concluded the inauguration ceremony by congratulating the SQM and Doktor Tarsa representatives on the opening of the new complex. In line with the local custom, he extended the hand of friendship and good luck wishes for the new venture to both Mr. Frank Biot and Mr. Ali Behzat Ozman, with the help of a blue bead and a kiss on the forehead.

To complement the opening of the new facilities, Doktor Tarsa took the opportunity of the opening ceremony to introduce a new company logo, similar in configuration to that recently adopted by its partner SQM. The new logo, coupled with the new NPK production facilities, emphasizes the interest that the company has in the growth of its clients and its willingness to bring to the market a greater variety of products and services that will assist its customers in such business expansions.!



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